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Have you been searching and searching, trying to figure out how to build your own chicken house? Worried because you're a beginner when it comes to building stuff? Good news: You've just found one of the few Web sites that will help you discover the truth about keeping chickens before you spend a penny! Start Here…

What Your Chickens Need

Chickens are low maintenance compared to other household animals. No need to walk them or take them to the groomer. They only need:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter -- from weather and predators
  • Space to move around and flap their wings a little…

Chickens aren't choosy about where they live. A hen might happily live in a converted dog house in the corner of your yard (as long as the former owner wasn't around) and never know the difference.

But your chickens deserve better than that, don't they?! Besides, an old dog house isn't very practical: it's dark and hard to clean. It's low -- chickens prefer a tall roost.

And who's going to crawl inside of the darn thing to get the eggs? :)

So yes, you could convert an existing structure. But it's even better to buy -- or build -- something specifically designed for chickens to live in. It has to keep the chickens in, and the predators out. It has to be easy to clean. You need a way to get the eggs without disturbing the birds too much.

To Build or Not to Build?

That is the question. Like I said, you could save time with a pre-built coop, but you'll find they cost between $500 to $1,000. If your budget's tight, or if you just want a challenge, build your own poultry house using a set of detailed plans.

But before you start building, you need to figure out what kind of chicken enclosure you need…

Chicken Coop or Chicken Ark?

A trick question! Anything with a chicken in it could be called a coop… but if you slap wheels or handles on it and move it around your yard -- presto, it's now a chicken ark! (Also called a chicken tractor depending on where you live.) chicken tractor graphic

Most of you plan to keep just a couple of chickens because you have a relatively small backyard. So the mobile chicken tractor/ark is the way to go. (That's because you'll have to periodically move them to a fresh patch of grass.)

If you're like me, you can't afford the $500+ pre-built chicken coops you see advertised everywhere. That's why you found this site: You want to build your own poultry housing, but it needs to be super easy and inexpensive -- and you don't want to buy a bunch of extra tools just to do it.

Good Chicken House Plans Make the Difference

You need building plans that will show you step-by-step how to make your own chicken coop. Look for plans that call for simple materials and common tools that the average homeowner already owns. You should be able to build your own structure for under $300 total.

It pays to do your research. See what you can find on your own, or check out my page discussing three sets of affordable chicken house plans

Educate Yourself

As you pore over every word of this Web site you will begin to discover that although some of what you've heard is pure myth, raising your own chickens is easier than you think, not to mention fun!

Not only will you discover simple methods for building chicken houses, you'll also learn how to keep your chickens happy by feeding them right and keeping them safe from predators.

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